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Health Insurance Consultant

A truly unique career opportunity that may turn into something great for you, and you can test it without leaving your current job. That may sound like “sales pitch”, but it is true. This could be a career opportunity of a lifetime. We are building something unique, something we believe will be truly special that can grow dramatically in a short period of time. With very little time commitment, the right people can participate with the near certainty of reward, perhaps great rewards. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me. You will understand when we talk why I can’t be more descriptive of the opportunity here, but this is real as you will quickly learn. We are looking for true experts in health insurance, both large accounts and small account experts. We are also looking for experts in long term care, personal insurance, life insurance and disability insurance. This is not for “salespeople”, but for true experts. Another requirement is high integrity. Everyone says they have high integrity but we believe it is rare.

How to Apply

Fax resume: 858-674-4005