Additional Tools 2017

Sponsored Blog

Sponsored blog packages include your own URL and blog page at (hosted for a minimum of one year), 24 text links (two per month) in the IJ Daily Headlines eNewsletter (valued at $8,376), and a link to each blog post on

One full year for $22,500. (A $1,500 set-up fee applies to blog hosting of fewer than 12 months. In either case, months must be consecutive.)

Website Poll

Have a question for the industry? Find your answer with an Insurance Journal website poll. Your question (and up to five reply options) will appear as a “Reader Poll” in the sidebar on, with or without sponsor branding—your choice.

Results are $10 per response (you set the limit) or a flat fee of $2,000 for 14 business days.

Email Survey

For more in-depth research, Insurance Journal can help you to build a professional survey. Your survey of up to 10 questions will be sent as a direct email to our reader survey list.

Results are available at $20 per completed survey (you set the limit), plus a $1,995 set up fee.

Corporate Videos

One professionally-produced video, recorded in our San Diego studio or on location. Your video is hosted on Insurance Journal TV's User Contributed channel for a minimum of one year.

Corporate video packages start at $4,950.

Audio Podcast Interviews

One professionally-produced audio podcast, recorded via phone and hosted on Insurance Journal TV's User Contributed channel for a minimum of one year.

Audio podcast packages start at $2,995.

Sponsored Press Releases

Have a new product, service, appointment, award or partnership to announce? Distribute your press release to the insurance industry through Insurance Journal's highly trafficked website and massive email network.

Visit for more info.

Print Classifieds

Print classifieds in Insurance Journal magazine are a great place to post job openings, agencies for sale, or agencies wanted.

Visit for more info.