Sponsored Press Releases 2018

Insurance Journal Newswire Service

Have a new product, service, appointment, award or partnership to announce? We will distribute your press release to the insurance industry with our Newswire sponsored press release service.

Press release packages include the following:

  1. AYour press release (including your logo and a link to your website) hosted on InsuranceJournal.com
  2. B A link to your press release in the IJ Daily Headlines email newsletter (78,000+ subscribers)
  3. C A link to your press release at the bottom of the Insurance Journal home page for one day
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Complete Press Package $878 $816 $667 $593

Enhancement Options

  • Add a photo or image: FREE
  • Link to a whitepaper or other document: +$50
  • Embed a video. Your video will also be hosted on InsuranceJournal.tv for a minimum of 1 year: +$185
  • Place your press release in a high resolution PDF co-branded with "As Seen in Insurance Journal": +$140

To schedule a sponsored press release or for more information, please contact 800.897.9965 x125 or newswire@insurancejournal.com.
Insurance Journal Sponsored Press Release Package