Decision Time

Somedays I wish for the times when my decisions felt like they only impacted me.

When I was a kid, it felt very much like I could do whatever I wanted and it would only affect me. I didn’t think about the effect my actions had on my parents. I was kind of clueless like that.

These days, it feels like every action that I take has ripples to those in my circles and beyond. It’s not even that I’m all that important or all that big a deal. I’m not sure how many people read these emails besides the few that reach out to me.

Yet, it’s true. Every decision we make affects everyone around us.

The decision to close or open businesses.

The decision to sign or table a stimulus bill.

The decision to write this and not that.

Should I stay or should I go now?

Yet we have to make these decisions and make with the best of intentions for the best possible outcomes with the best possible information.

So here we go, making another decision and hoping that the ripples won’t flip someone else’s boat over.

The worst decision that we could make is not to make any decision so let’s do something and hope it works out alright.

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