How Your Agency Can Find the Bigger Picture of Digital Marketing

By | April 1, 2019

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The insurance industry is perhaps one of the last to go through digital disruption caused by the internet. It’s true the ground is shifting. For independent agents to continue growing and remain competitive, they must reach consumers where they’re at: Online. Digital marketing strategies, like search engine optimization, can open your agency to new audiences. And, offer your business steadier ground to stand on.

The Main Idea of Digital Marketing

Which digital marketing strategy should you use? This can differ from agency to agency. But, the main idea of digital marketing still remains constant. Consider the following story…

Long ago, a doctor opened his first practice. His name was on the door. His office was open for business. He waited for his first patient to arrive. And waited. And waited.

His practice was still unknown to the area. No one knew enough about his abilities to trust their business to him.

One day, a mother hurried into his office with her young son. He required medical attention, fast. The doctor treated him, and the boy’s health improved. The mother was so impressed, she told all her friends about the experience.

Word of his abilities spread through the community. Tn the subsequent weeks, business surged.

This story reflects how businesses have grown for centuries. Successful digital marketing strategies and SEO campaigns are closely tied to the concept of consumer trust.

Finding Your Big Picture Strategy

To find your agency’s ideal digital strategy, start by looking inward. Take a close look at your agency’s identity.

What values do your agency hold dear? What impact do you have in your community? Or, what impact would you like to have? Yes, you can provide a financial safety blanket to folks in your town. But so do your competitors.

Try to think of your unique value proposition. What makes your agency distinct? What makes you stand out?

Then, reflect on who your target audience is. What do they need and want? What questions do they have? How will your agency deliver the answer? Focus on audiences and individuals instead of products.

Next, you must align the two concepts. Match your insurance agency’s value proposition to your target consumers’ needs. In digital marketing, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Good storytelling can bridge your agency to consumers. Collect insights about your target consumers. Then, tie your findings to stories that resonate. Find a message that communicates how your agency helps consumers in their moment of need.

Try to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. An insurance website and email marketing platform can work together here. Maximize efficiency is even further by integrating them with an agency management system.

Follow up those targeted messages with great customer service. Then, encourage your clients to spread the word to people they know.

Remember, this is how the doctor grew his practice. And, this is how numerous insurance agents started their businesses before the internet. This way still works. It’s just done on digital channels today.

The future may seem uncertain. Remember to step back and look at the big picture periodically. Polish your digital marketing plan to match. When you stick to the main idea of digital marketing, you’ll succeed regardless of which tactics get you those results.

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