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by AgencyEquity
Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:13 am
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Topic: Insurance agencies for sale ?
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Re: Insurance agencies for sale ?

jepratt3: Thank you for mentioning AgencyEquity, we are the longest and most established listing of Agencies for Sale online. Hence we know this space better extremely well and you are truly bumping up against all your options. What some want is a magic pill to make it happen right away and at the r...
by AgencyEquity
Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:34 pm
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Topic: How can a new agent obtain appointments?
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Re: How can a new agent obtain appointments?

Personaly, I would stay away from aggregators, clusters, franchises, networks, and wholesalers. Specially, if they require a monthly fee or an annual fee more then $250.00. It's just not worth it. It's better to go and get diret appointements or work with MGA's or program administrators. I'm licens...
by AgencyEquity
Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:20 pm
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Topic: Agency Management System
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Re: Agency Management System

The great thing is, there are no shortage of options of available management systems, furthermore there is more and more innovation going on because of the competition. Do agencies all really want to be alike by using the same system? One size does not fit all, what may work for one agency may not w...
by AgencyEquity
Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:42 pm
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Topic: brightway insurance brokerage in florida
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Re: brightway insurance brokerage in florida

The number of Cluster groups, including Alliances, Networks, and even Franchise organizations are growing at a huge rate. There are well over 100 of these types of groups across the USA and even perhaps as many as 200. A number of these organizations have a worldwide membership. The big question is,...
by AgencyEquity
Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:36 pm
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Topic: State Farm
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Re: State Farm

The good news is that Farmers went to this model about a year and a half ago. I believe Horace Mann has this business model for their agents as well. Allstate has done it for many years now and it's a winner. I think this is the future trend and it's a win win for all parties involved. Hopefully Sta...
by AgencyEquity
Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:28 am
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Topic: Inherited an insurance agency
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Re: Inherited an insurance agency

JBateman: I will be happy to direct you in the right direction, please get in touch with me through my site below and I will advise you of your options. I am not here to sell you anything, I am just looking to help out pro-bono because of your unfortunate situation. I think your situation is very so...
by AgencyEquity
Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:38 am
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Topic: New Insurance Agency Startup Questions
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Re: New Insurance Agency Startup Questions

At the risk of sounding rude and abrupt, as stated in a number of postings like yours in the past, there is NO 3 ring binder or 'job in a box' formula for starting an independent insurance agency from scratch. In fact, as time sunsets on what was the retail insurance agency system, it has become ex...
by AgencyEquity
Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:50 pm
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Topic: Aggregator
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Re: Aggregator

You can find a list of aggregators by going to our website linked below, you will find it under agency resource directories.
by AgencyEquity
Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:18 pm
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Topic: Want to buy independent insurance agency
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Re: Want to buy independent insurance agency

Nearly all established Independent Agencies over 250k in Revenues are purchased by existing Insurance Agencies, there are few exceptions to this: 1. Non-Standard Auto Agency (and similar type high risk insurance agencies) 2. Allstate Agencies (provides training) 3. Farmers Agencies (provides trainin...
by AgencyEquity
Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:29 pm
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Topic: Anybody using ? Agency Management System $39 mo
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Re: Anybody using ? Agency Management System $3

The cost of an Agency Management system should only be one of the determining factors of making such purchase, it would be foolish to make it the only determining factor. The absolute least expense option is to not have a Management System, so under the theory of lowest cost, this would be the way t...
by AgencyEquity
Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:31 pm
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Topic: NY Book or Agency
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Re: NY Book or Agency

You can find listings for Agencies or Books for Sale by visiting our site.
by AgencyEquity
Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:28 pm
Forum: Hard-to-Place Accounts
Topic: New Agency
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Re: New Agency

There are over 100 groups nationwide that aggregate insurance agencies in some form, you can find a directory of these groups by going to: ... -alliances

You can also read my Guide to Starting an Independent Agency also found on the site.
by AgencyEquity
Thu May 22, 2014 6:12 pm
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Topic: The New Small Insurance Agency
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Re: The New Small Insurance Agency

Steve is on the money with his article about small agencies. One thing I would like to add about "Market Access" -- there are more agency aggregators than ever and these groups do want to grow. Some believe there is a stigma in being part of a group or that they will lose commissions. Well...
by AgencyEquity
Thu May 22, 2014 5:56 pm
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Topic: errors and omision
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Re: errors and omision

You can view a listing of E&O Carriers on my website linked below.
by AgencyEquity
Thu May 22, 2014 5:54 pm
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Topic: Resurgence of Health Books of Business
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Resurgence of Health Books of Business

The ACA has put Health Insurance Agencies and Books of Business in limbo for a number of years, however this I truly believe both these type of accounts and agencies on the the verge of coming back if they have not already done so. Here are things to note: 1. Individual Plans are very easy to write ...