plumbing contractors

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plumbing contractors

Post by arobles714 »

Looking for new artison programs for plumbing contractors.
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by DAJ »

Vela Insurance ( has programs for dozens of contractor classes. Vela represents A+ XV paper, and can be accessed via most wholesalers.
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by JAM »

Farmers has a good program as well.
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by LadyBroker »

Farmers is writing Plumbing contractors in California?
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by FFA »

If Cal is anything like Ill, Farmers will be over priced.
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by Shagster12 »

Two comments:
1) Farmers seems to be writing ANYTHING these days. I've seen them writing Tow Trucks in Ca lately....and they're giving away the farm on pricing, $600 for $1mil liability unheard of for tow trucks...I believe they're going to lose they're collective butts...

2) I would recommend you try BTIS (Builders and Tradesmen Insurance Services) they have a few different programs you can rate on-line that should be able to compete. If they can't it's likely nobody will...
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by ccroy »

Tower Insurance ('A-', size X - admitted) will write PLUMBING CONTRACTORS, here in CA. Residential/Commercial, New Construction/Remodel/Repair/Service all acceptable.

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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by robbiem »

We have serveral markets writing plumbing contractors in California. Our MP is $1250.

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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by jack1978 »

Try to get contracted through BTIS insurance. THey will blow Farmers out of the water on any artisan program.
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Re: Hard to Place Risk Construction Ca,Az, Wa,Western States

Post by veronicaj »

If your looking to get quotes on any contractors-in the Western States Scottish American Wholesalers can do it for you. We have great markets that write any hard to place risk- contact me!
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by BeardedBrokerSir »

I have PEO markets for the Worker's Comp/Payroll side of things. It is pay-as-you go so it helps tremendously with cash flow, and I have a few for the 4th quarter that are waiving administration fees for 3 months! Let me know if I can help you out!
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Re: plumbing contractors

Post by Josh Coyle »

Plumbing contractors are typically considered a standard market exposure (perhaps less standard if working on new residential tract work or a heavy residential focus). Assuming a decent size, you should be able to get quotes from standard markets such as Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Travelers, CNA, etc.

These carriers generally all like writing Plumbing risks, although given each carrier has their nuances, would be good to contact your marketing rep for each company to make sure they don't have exclusions for work performed (ie. new residential tract exclusion, etc.).
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