Special Construction (Mokelumne Hill, CA - Calaveras County)

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Special Construction (Mokelumne Hill, CA - Calaveras County)

Post by luv_insurin_u »

Hi! I am trying to find a market to place a newly constructed home built out from four metal shipping containers. Special Construction is difficult on its own and add to it the fact that the Butte Fire went right through Mokelumne Hill last year and it's an even less desirable situation. Mokelumne Hill is a PC 5 but the brush zone scores high on the RiskMeter in that general area. The home is owner built but the owner is a contractor. Dwelling coverage would potentially be about $90,000. Any ideas for me?
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Re: Special Construction (Mokelumne Hill, CA - Calaveras Cou

Post by d's insurance store »

The first thing you need to do is find a really good surplus lines MGA. The good ones can insure darn near anything with various non admitted carriers.

The second thing you need to do is stop prospecting or even answering the phone for people with risks like this, unless you've got enough in force cross lines to make this kind of accommodation worth your while. Over my 30+ year career, I've devoted countless efforts to try and place these 'one off' risks with 'promises' of additional business, only to find this type of policy holder loves you for your willingness to do what no sane agent will do, but continues to love the GEICO's and Progressive's more for their standard personal lines or small commercial business.

If someone is crazy enough to want to live in a shipping container, let the container company figure out a way to insure it.
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Re: Special Construction (Mokelumne Hill, CA - Calaveras Cou

Post by wariline »

Have you checked with California Fair Plan?
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Re: Special Construction (Mokelumne Hill, CA - Calaveras Cou

Post by mccluney »

There is a lot of wisdom in what d's insurance store said. Even if you find a market, there is much potential downfall and more work in keeping the risk insured. This is one of those times just to say Sorry, I have no market.
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