Are the CPCU Course Material Changes Real?

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Are the CPCU Course Material Changes Real?

Post by toffalesinsurance »

Hey, I had a question about The Institutes CPCU course materials. Im currently interested in taking the July-Sept CPCU 520 - Insurance Operations exam and i bought the study material for that block. I was told that the materials change from one block to the next (July-Sept to Oct-Dec). I wanted to know if this was true or is it just a ploy to get students to spend the money on new books each block? Could i actually pass the exam if i took it in the Oct-Dec block with books for the July-Sept block? Thanks for your help!
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Re: Are the CPCU Course Material Changes Real?

Post by MBRCatz »

They don't change every quarter, they usually change every 3-5 years or so. Unfortunately for you, October 2018 is the change for 520.

You can always call The Institutes before you purchase your materials, and they will tell you if changes are pending within the next six months or so. If you buy the online course, the updates will incorporate automatically, or so I've been told.
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Re: Are the CPCU Course Material Changes Real?

Post by Kazy2255 »

I teach CPCU520 and the current books can be used to test in the October to December window but you must pass. In the event you don’t pass you either retake in that window or get new books and retest in next exam window opening 1-15-19. I have asked for the new book outline so I can compare the differences and as of couple weeks ago that wasnt available. I would need to see new outline to see how drastic the changes are.

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