Best advice for new producer...

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Best advice for new producer...

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Hey all

New producer here. Ive found this board very helpful. Just looking for some advice if you guys don't mind. I started my new career selling property and casualty insurance for a large independent agency in CT at the end of October. I was in car sales previously. Wanted to get your guys take on the best way to go after new business. So far Ive written 3 commercial accounts (which they are telling me is good) and am proposing to a couple new big accounts this month. But the pipeline seems to be drying up and Id like to keep it full obviously. Ive been doing a bit of everything including mailings, networking meetings, cold calling, emails, and just knocking on doors. What do you guys find works best for you? Thanks.
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Re: Best advice for new producer...

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Two pronged approach.

#1 Dig wells.
#2 Drink now - because your thirsty

#1 means you have to create long-term relationships to be successful in any industry.

#2 means you have to get some sales on the book immediately to survive.

It seems like you are doing all the right things. Just prioritize the two different tactics. Digging wells is always going to lead to more success - but I understand the need to drink now because you are thirsty.

What works best for me is taking people to lunch, one-on-one and asking them all about their business. Its all about them - not you. Listen more than you talk. Ask them how you can further their business.
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Re: Best advice for new producer...

Post by Oblong »

P&C insurance is selling meat and potatoes...everyone needs it so you have a huge number of prospects.

Selling P&C is nothing but the Law of Large numbers...for me personally, I know 3 of every 10 people I talk to will buy insurance from me. So if I want 30 sales for the month I need to talk to 100 people, or about 5/day.

Keep your cards with you at all times and approach people where you eat, shop, walk, etc and be like a politician. Introduce yourself, tell them what you do, and offer your help along with your card.

Find ways to knock out those numbers in large swoops. Support apt complexes and go to their parties if you can get to know the management. Support local high schools and see if you can be at the next Friday nigh football game to pass out gifts (and your card). Build centers of influences with people who work with clients at insurance decision points - car dealerships, mortgage/escrow offices.

It all comes down to talking about insurance to as many people as you can and doing it on a consistent basis.
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