Any reviews on Inspire A Nation Mentoring?

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Any reviews on Inspire A Nation Mentoring?

Post by molder101 »

Starting a new agency. I've been in commercial P&C since 2004. At the onset, I want to fix a number of practices/procedures that were either non-existent or lacking in my prior employ, basically start out right so I don't have a chance to develop [as many] bad habits.

Anyone have any experience with this group? It's owned by Dr. Billy Williams.

I came across the company on Youtube, they have some solid (old looking) content:

It's not super expensive, if you go with option one, but it's not cheap either: It gets quite a bit more costly if you want a more hands on approach.

Just curious if any have experience with them and what the result was.
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Re: Any reviews on Inspire A Nation Mentoring?

Post by Ffcinsurance »

Did you end up doing the inspire a nation mentoring program? I am about to sign up for it and thought i would see if anyone had anything good or bad to say.
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