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Re: Farmers Insurance

Post by ziiqui »

You obviously live in an area where Farmers is still competitive. Or, you're gonna tell me that it's all about 'relationship building.' Whatever the case, it's only a matter of time before Farmers pulls the plug on you. If you were smart, you would start planning your exit strategy before they screw you like they have already done with about 10,000 other agents. I spent 35-years with this terrible company. I have been an IA for 2-years now, and loving it!! My last 10-years with Farmers were the most stressful years of my life, in that they nearly priced me out of business! 2-years IA and I have regained my economic status, as well as my sanity! My story is not unique. Farmers is nothing but a cheat and a bunch of lies. They make promises that they know they can't keep. Trust me, one day they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their bad behavior. Life is good again!
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Re: Farmers Insurance

Post by lonestar »

sundevil, as others have already said, if you are living the dream as a captive, enjoy it while it lasts, especially with Farmers. Of all the captives, the evidence and the history of what Zurich has done to this company since 2000 is overwhelmingly demonstrative that Farmers is on a large downslide trajectory... at a much faster pace than any other captive company. I was with FIG for 11 years before I made the leap. Trust me, agents much smarter, bigger, and more successful than you or I have already left Farmers, or will be soon, and many more agents will continue to do so, with the exception of a few agents that for the time being, are in a small pocket where FIG's rates are sellable, and of course there are those agents that are close to retirement that are too beat down to start over.

Agents looking at this "opportunity" would be wise to steer clear.
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Re: Farmers Insurance

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yotes fan wrote: WHen you write 15-20 policies in a week and at weeks end, you are a negative 10 for the week, then you will feel the pain, and believe me, the day will come
WOW that would definitely hurt... and infuriate me. Farmers definitely seems to be throwing what it can against the wall. I've met SO many NEW Farmer's agents in a relatively small geographical area. They're literally stepping all over each other's toes.
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