CPCU - Worth it right now?

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Re: CPCU - Worth it right now?

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CPCU is a marvelous designation. Well respected, and demonstrates that the holder of the designation is a committed professional. However, if you are seeking a designation that will elevate you professionally, have instant value, and place you ahead of the competition - practical hands-on knowledge that will be of value for your insurance career, CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) is most assuredly the "way to go."

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Re: CPCU - Worth it right now?

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Reading Tolstoy and War and Peace will also make you a more distinguished, educated person. But to the average client, which is to whom we insurance agents are trying to "add value" to, do they decide to purchase their auto / home / life insurance from only those channels with a CPCU designation? Or are they open to dealing with an agent / call center that can provide them what they want in the area of coverage and rate?

It is one thing if you are padding your resume to help you move up the ranks as an employee of an insurance company, perhaps in the underwriting department. If you are an agent or in sales, I do not see the value to the clients. Not to take away from those that have invested time and energy into achieving this designation. But I cannot remember a time when a client called me to inform me that he / she refused to do business with me, because I did not have 3 or 4 initials by name, indicating that I had passed some course of which the client has no interest in.
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Re: CPCU - Worth it right now?

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armanis500 wrote:Hello. I am currently looking to take the CPCU 530 Business Law Exam and was wondering if anyone knows of an AUDIO book/ study guide which I can use to study? I would be very much grateful if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
Hey Armanis500, here's some CPCU 530 case studies and practice exams and here's a review of the CPCU 530 difficulty. Hope this helps!
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