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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by mica.cooper »

There are at least three major issues:

One, should government be involved in dictating health care. Good or bad we all have opinions.

Two, health insurance reform. This involves cheaper ways of doing medical billing, paperless systems, etc. There are significant savings, up to 30% or more that can be achieved. The single biggest way to achieve these savings is to create an independent (non-government) central billing bureau. Brasil does this through two, a private and government bureau and it works GREAT. They are far ahead of us in billing reform.

Third, is health care reform. There are significant savings to be achieved here. Number one on the list is illegal immigrant care. Why do they get a free ride and some guy supporting a family on $10/hour does not??? If we can eliminate that we will see a significant cost reduction immediately. This will also reduce the bills paid for by people who don't have insurance. We also need to reduce the number of people who refuse to work but go to the emergency room for every sniffle. This is the other drain on health care. Fix these two problems and health insurance premiums will be affordable. I have never understood why private insurance and people who have jobs without insurance are forced to pay for illegals and people who refuse to pay. This should all go into a separate billing straight to Congress! Its called an unfunded mandate.

These are all separate issues and while we need reform, wrapping them all into a single mammoth bill is a disaster and is probably one of the single most idiotic things EVER done in Congress.
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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by FFA »

Well said.
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Post by mhutch69 »

Everyone has good ideas, including TORT reform. I think a broken fingernail should not generate lifetime income for the patient and his attorney.

But, I have seen studies that EVEN with SIGNIFICANT Tort reform, the increasing medical costs would not be knocked down more than 15% including Alabama jury awards...

So, let's think of ONE instance where getting the Federal Govt. involved has LESSENED the cost of anything??

Please list those situations for me if you can? I doubt anyone can.

Anything the Fed Govt gets involved with skyrockets in cost.

There have been good ideas to get the "tune-ups" OUT of insurance and go back to emergency only care.

Then, advise every Congressman and woman AND every U.S. Senator that they are NOW on "OUR" new govt. health insurance plan. The Congress will NOT be on their "Cadillac" plan that requires minimal or zero dollars paid in and unbelievable care for them. While we are at it, take away their fantastic retirement plan as well. Why do WE have to deal with a financially broke Social Security Plan when Congress has STOLEN all the money we contributed and replaced it with IOU's? Effective today, Congress gets SS just like us regular folks. Watch them fix that plan immediately!!!

IF you force Congress to immediately be placed on OUR monstrosity of a govt bill allegedly "reforming" healthcare, I bet you would see them actually narrow down EXACTLY what costs are driving the overall cost of medical care upward and legislate limited income for those industries.

See, letting govt. get involved will take away capitalism. THAT is what made this country great. I want continued research and development solving more and more diseases NOT govt stifling those companies to cause them to NOT take the financial risks involved with finding cures!

The answer is a combination of many of the ideas on this forum. The primary one is NOT letting the Federal Govt. provide a "competing" plan that can lose billions of dollars against private industry trying to make a profit for shareholders. That is typical, Obama wants to payoff every Chicago buddy he has ever gotten a vote and/or payoff from with the federal stimulus and healthcare "reform" bill. That is this guy's goals.

OBAMINATION is a PLANT by the Saudi Arabians to trash America. Anyone argue with that based upon what he has done so far? He has spent more than every President combined in 10 months???
Anyone a little scared of what this idiot will do next? Also, why follow what failed for Jimmy Carter in lieu of what worked perfectly for Ronald Reagan? Liberalism failed everywhere it has been thoroughly employed. These clowns got control of all branches, and in November 2010, when Republicans take BACK control of the House, we will have to repeal hundreds of wacky Laws which are truly handouts to people who do not want to work....

But, I digress.........

I say we dig up Reagan and fast!
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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by carefree »

There's always a buzz on Health care reform. Recently, Obama made changes on Medicare and then signed the CLASS Act to lessen the dependence of the public on government for their LTC needs. Of course, there are always pros and cons to this reform. it also paved the the passage of two bills: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by robmejia »

A part of the recent health care reform pertains to Insurance for People With Pre-existing Conditions. For those adults whom private insurers consider to be "high-risk" due to prior or current health problems and who have been uninsured for at least six months are eligible to buy insurance through the federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) in their state.
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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by robmejia »

People have been calling for healthcare reform in the United States and what has the government done about it? This is such an important issue that needs to be addressed on quickly.
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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by Mikesmith5656 »

It's interesting to read this email thread, in light of everything that has happened the past 6 years with healthcare reform. I'm not sure we're any better off.
The fact of the matter is—we have universal healthcare, it just isn’t called that. When an uninsured person receives treatment, that cost is spread to the insured. We need a system where as many people as possible are put into the risk pool, from the young “immortals” to the infirm.
^^ I agree, we did already have a form of a "universal" healthcare program. Even now (before Obamacare is completely unveiled), anybody needsto go to the doctor can simply go to the ER. Even if they have no intention of ever paying the bill. Guess who ends up paying for it? People with health insurance -- whose rates go up proportionally to pay for those who dont. In addition, the taxpayers pay, in the form of subsidies given to the hospitals to cover that gap of patients that go, yet dont have health insurance.

With the new legislation coming up, requiring 1094 and 1095 reporting, businesses who play by the rules are now burdened even more.

If anybody is looking for a group health insurance quote, we can help. But our unique twist is an additional (Optional) payroll service that partners with the insurance company, to provide all the 1094 and 1095 reporting. You can read more about it from the link below.

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a huge overhaul! It will be interesting to view this thread 6 years from now and look back on the way things used to be. Wishing for the best!

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Re: Healthcare Reform

Post by morganphillips »

Figured this is thread is worth rehashing given the current political environment. Thoughts?
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