Branding / Name recognition

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Branding / Name recognition

Post by JAM »

I wanted to see if anyone else has run into the branding issue. We are located in sounthern CA were the usual suspects are strong. However, with the economy going down I see more and more Farmers, Sf, allstate Etc.. customers looking for a better more competative product. Many times we run into a problem with name recognition, ie client has not heard of Travelers, kemper, etc.. The price and coverage are there but they only know of the big 3 carriers. How does everyone else tackle this issue? How do you sell the name?
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Re: Branding / Name recognition

Post by FurriePrincess »

One option is to use the information provided on the CA Dept of Insurance site. ... int-study/

Often the Travelers, Kemper, etc will have a better rating than the direct writing carriers.

A.M. Best ratings (or Moody's or Standard & Poor's) will show the financial strength. Plus... the biggest asset is having an independent agent who is able to work for the client in the event of a claim.
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Re: Branding / Name recognition

Post by azcompanyman »

Customers have to want to buy insurance from you because of your service and expertise. You hear it time and time again that insurance is a people business so spend time on differentiating yourself versus focusing too much on carriers.

At the end of the day most insurance companies have similar ratings so clients aren't going to be blown away or pay much attention to whether or not a company is going to be around in 5 years to pay a claim because you know they are thinking it's not going to happen to them. They are going to focus on price and service. You can control service so sell that and you can can control yourself so sell that too (yourself) ! Self promotion, education and great service will lead you to your branding solution. Good luck!
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Re: Branding / Name recognition

Post by Broderick »

After you have established a new brand, how to play quickly and efficiently at low cost profile, what kind of good way, ask what you seniors! I can think of is through network marketing, this is a low-cost way to inform regular customers pay the original.
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