Insurance agencies for sale ?

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Re: Insurance agencies for sale ?

Post by Eyonna1 »

Looking for a Book... In Los Angeles area, please contact me if you have one or an agency for sale
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Re: Insurance agencies for sale ?

Post by jepratt3 »

I am tasked with the job of looking for independent agencies for sale in Texas and surrounding states. We are an independent firm looking to grow and have a line of credit to use for acquisitions. Primarily looking for personal lines P&C. I have tried and a few other sites but there doesn't seem to be many listings fitting our needs. Does anyone recommend another site or avenue for finding said agencies? Cold calling doesn't seem to be offering much success either. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Re: Insurance agencies for sale ?

Post by AgencyEquity »

jepratt3: Thank you for mentioning AgencyEquity, we are the longest and most established listing of Agencies for Sale online. Hence we know this space better extremely well and you are truly bumping up against all your options. What some want is a magic pill to make it happen right away and at the right price, this is where frustrations occur. Expectations need to be reset, the bottom line is, this can't be done with the flip of a light switch and it can't be done cheaply. Those who acquire agencies understand this and they come this fully prepared to buy agencies with a game plan which often includes a buyer profile and offer that will be acceptable to the buyer.

Keep in mind, Insurance Agency owners are among the most aggressive out there, they are not the type of people to give away their agencies, they want the moon and often get close to the moon (the one who end up being reasonable at least). AgencyEquity is not only a site with listings, it's a site with resources and most of the major players have a vendor listing on our site, some can help you find agencies for sale, but they certainly don't come cheap and rightfully so because it's not easy work. I know Ron Christopher and company can do cold calling for you, but again your agency needs to pay up for this. AgencyEquity spends tens of thousands of dollars in marketing to get agencies to list, so we know how much it takes to get owners to list, it's truly an incredibly huge and costly outreach. We have seen sites with what appears to be fake listings, we verify everyone of our listing owners and assure you 100% of our listings are really agencies places by either their owners or their representatives (such a as business broker).

One final note, we noticed that most replies on AgencyEquity amounts to once sentence. Keep in mind, most quality agencies have enough interested buyers, if someone can't introduce themselves and write up a paragraph about them and their interest for their agency, they are probably not going to reply because they will not see that as serious as the ones who do provide a quality reply. This is where many go wrong, they don't take the initial contact seriously, don't even sign their name and say things like "call me, I am interested." What seller in their right mind would contact such person, it doesn't come across very warmly or professionally.
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