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Post by krschropp »

Hi! I need some help and insight! I want to take CPCU 500. However, my employer will not pay for books or exams. So I am looking for best alternatives to obtaining the books. As I understand, the whole course has been revamped. Is this really true? Could I use any of the prior books to study for the exam? There just aren't many used options out there. I have found one ebay auction, but that's it.

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Re: CPCU 500 HELP!

Post by paulbennings »

I did the whole thing using the older books because I bought all of them at once and then they changed it on me when I was ready to take the tests. The new books aren't any different; it is just a means for the institutes to keep new students buying new books instead of the old ones. Maybe buy a new study guide and an old book for the 500 if you are worried. I think the 500 is pretty much the 510 without the ethics questions.
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Re: CPCU 500 HELP!

Post by gdsmack »

I took the CPCU 500 in March of 2012, which is the new "500" - the old one was the "510". If you have a sign-on at "the institutes" they have a community board there and you can post as others do to obtain books and study materials.

Good Luck!!
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Re: CPCU 500 HELP!

Post by brookemarker »

If anyone is still interested I have CPCU- all the material I will sell at a good price.
Also have ARM 56
Will be selling CPCU 520 after the spring window 2015

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Re: CPCU 500 HELP!

Post by AssociatePI »

Checkout our CPCU 500 page for a TON of free resources (Including practice exams, study guides and free access to chapter one)

I completely agree that there isn't much out there for cheap/free study material, which is why I put together this list of 7 tips to reduce the cost of your CPCU designation which describes how you can get CPCU credit for college courses, find used study material and rent study material for as low as $20 (Best option in my opinion)

For other CPCU 500 free resources checkout the following: Good luck with the rest of your exams!
http://associatepi.com/cpcu/ provides free content for the CPCU designation including practice exams, study guides, exam reviews and online courses. Pass your exam in less time with less studying
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Re: CPCU 500 HELP!

Post by junevjohnson »

Have you tried a site like Chegg or even Ebay? I imagine there are tons of students and other professionals that no longer have use for their books and are willing to sell outdated books at a huge discount. And I wouldn't worry too much about using an old book, I'm convinced 80% of what they update is only so they can sell you another book.
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