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becoming appointed

Post by justinarabo »

I am currently in the process of opening my own insurance office. I live in Michigan and am having a real hard time getting companies to appoint me. As a matter of fact I have no companies that are willing to appoint me and I need help. Please all comments are welcomed.
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Re: becoming appointed

Post by insuranceismylife »

You will probably not be able to get an appointment from a major carrier since you don't have an existing book of business.

You should look into joining a cluster which will give you market access.

There are many to choose from.
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Re: becoming appointed

Post by aguarino »

One way of getting appointed is by buying someone elses smaller book of business. You can get a payment plan usually. This gets you a contract with the carrier(s) that they have usually. Otherwise it is difficult to get appointed with companies as a new agency.
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Re: becoming appointed

Post by agency2012 »

I started my agency a little over a year ago. It hasn't been easy. I've been in the industry for over 15 years though. I have had experience with some of my carriers and that helped with non-standard. Standard markets and contracts have not been easy. I finally broke and went with a company called Iroquois Group. While you still have commitments, you're in a pool for contingencies. I've run into one agent who said that she wishes she wasn't stuck in the contract. The reason is because she has grown very large in 10 years. You must read it. You have to figure out what is more important to you in the long run. I had most of my work through brokerages and was tired of waiting on them. I wanted direct appointments. Without a book through the brokerages though, I'm not sure if I would be where I am in just a year! Good luck to you.
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Re: becoming appointed

Post by AEesley2 »

Insurance Noodle offers agents access to multiple commercial and personal lines carriers through our direct appointments. You can quote your risks online and get multiple quote results back within minutes of your submission. Signing up is easy, your account gets activated immediately so you can actually get same day appointments and start quoting right away. Check us out at or contact me with any questions : ) .

• Same day appointment
• Immediate access to up to 11 carriers standard lines carriers - personal, commercial, E&S (up to 16 markets)
• One short online application for multiple lines
• Real multi-carrier quotes in minutes
• Commercial and Personal lines quoting
• Personal lines solutions including Home and Auto
• Solutions for over 1,700 commercial classes (BOP, Auto, Work Comp, Prof)
• No minimum production requirements

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Re: becoming appointed

Post by INTLXS »

I have seen people in your situation get appointments from Erie. They will have expectations of so many applications per month. Contact your local Erie rep. Not sure if they are in your state.

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Re: becoming appointed

Post by PiP »

Try an Aggregator/Cluster group. By joining you get instant access to preferred markets, higher commissions and contingency opportunities you probably wouldn't qualify for on a new/small agency's production volume.

Plus many of them give you other benefits like a free agency management system, reduced costs on phone and computer systems, IT consulting and configuration, and of course a voice of experience. Your member coordinator can get all sorts of information for you and provide valuable insights into the insurance agency business.

I joined Proven Alliance and they were very prompt in responding to my inquiry. Give 'em a call and check it our for yourself. Ask for Diana Rogalski... she's the best and very accomodating. She'll work with you to make it a win-win relationship. You can reach her at Ph and Fx# 916.503.8708 or email

It's tough for many new agencies that are just getting started but stick with it and I'm sure it'll pay off for you in the end.
Good Luck!
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