Looking for used CPCU books

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Looking for used CPCU books

Post by meghankleavy1088 »

Hi there,

I am looking to start the designation with CPCU 500 as soon as possible. Does anyone know where I can purchase used books?
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Re: Looking for used CPCU books

Post by Temblor »

Best source is Amazon.com for new or used books.
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Re: Looking for used CPCU books

Post by PMG Agency »

Amazon would be a great place to look first, or even ebay. If you can't find anything there you could go to your local used book store, if you have one, and search for it there!
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Re: Looking for used CPCU books

Post by Gcart588 »

I just listed CPCU 520 & CPCU 530 materials on ebay. Both listings include the following:

1.Brand New, Never Used, The Institutes textbook
2. Brand New, Never Used, The Institutes workbook
3. BigDaddyU DVD set, I just watched these videos and passed the exams.
4. BigDadyU Workbook--marked these up a little bit but I didn't mark up any of the quizes.

Passed both exams with ease using these materials.

If you are looking to take these exams you should be able to get these materials pretty cheap via these auctions, good Luck!!

CPCU 520
http://www.ebay.com/itm/131142709022?ss ... 1555.l2649

CPCU 530
http://www.ebay.com/itm/131142712057?ss ... 1555.l2649
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Re: Looking for used CPCU books

Post by brookemarker »

If anyone is still interested I have the CPCU 500 book, review notes, study guide, practice exams, flash guards I will sell at low price for all.
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Re: Looking for used CPCU books

Post by AssociatePI »

In total, the CPCU will cost nearly $5,000, so i've put together some tips for reducing the cost of the CPCU designation, including great resources for renting books, buying second hand material, applying for scholarships and double checking to see if your collegiate credit can waive a CPCU exam

If you're looking for some free resources, checkout AssociatePI's free stuff. Including:
http://associatepi.com/cpcu/ provides free content for the CPCU designation including practice exams, study guides, exam reviews and online courses. Pass your exam in less time with less studying
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