Ringless Voicemail Leads

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Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by jdalman2012 »

Has anyone here tried either ringless voicemail drops or voicebroadcasting as a method for generating live transfer leads?

I was taking a look at a wholesaler, Stratics Networks, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any information or experience with this kind of leads.
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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by Big Dog »

Wouldn't something like this violate the Do Not Call list? Why yes....it would.
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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by nickpeter »

In this case, a genuine & straight to the point review might help you as it did to me. Am not sure about Stratics network, but i have tried both services with Leadsrain where ringless voicemails can generate good amount of callbacks & In case of live transfers you need to go with Voice-Broadcast service. If you’re looking for cost effective and quality service I’ll definitely suggest Leadsrain.
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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by tomharolds »

Big Dog wrote:Wouldn't something like this violate the Do Not Call list? Why yes....it would.
Totally agree. This is not a good practice to generate leads.

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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by beachagent »

Has anyone ever tried Datalot leads? The leads are expensive but exclusive. They say they have about a 35% conversion rate. Not sure if the conversion rate is about the same for all lead companies or if this is a low rate. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by d's insurance store »

You need to start with the premise that EVERY lead company professes to be the best, with the highest contact rate, the lowest bad lead count and the easiest to get credit for bogus leads.

I'm the one responding here, so you now need to accept my premise that from my experience in California, ALL paid leads are flat out trash and a massive waste of money.

Other states and areas may be different, but the Personal Lines and Life leads that I've spent tens of thousands for (not recently, though) over past years have been massive money dumps.

I'm convinced that a long time ago, back in the old days, when the internet was young, the demographic of a person with a computer and internet access was much more upscale and that generated leads at that time were largely real and the person clicking 'send' was a serious, potential, interested prospect. It certainly didn't mean you made a sale on each lead or even every 3rd lead, but when you contacted the lead, they at least knew someone would be contacting them.

As the on line world has become more universal and the competition for paid insurance leads has heated up and a cottage industry sprung up over affiliate marketing that put money in the pockets of 'lead finders', the whole system has devolved into a 'bright shiny object' and 'wishful thinking' marketplace, where desperate agency principals and producers, whose phones aren't ringing and whose Yellow Page ads don't work are anxiously looking for ways to bring in quotable prospects and lead companies are only too willing to lie and sell crap to fulfill that need.

I'm sure that somewhere in the USA, there are tiny locals where sincere insurance shoppers wade through the online Q&A's and dutifully fill in the blanks and really want to engage with an intelligent insurance professional to see if either rates or coverage can be improved on, but my past experience, primarily in California give me a very different opinion.

Make sure if you wish to test this particular provider that you demand concessions to sample the product with minimal outlay on your part. Also remember that when a lead provider says they're selling EXCLUSIVE! leads, there's no guarantee that the prospect hasn't filled out more than one form on other web sites or hasn't already made multiple calls to agencies in their local area.
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Re: Ringless Voicemail Leads

Post by Hopwood04 »

I use salesenvy.com. I have a 25 line dialer and looking for agents who want to sell single premium indexed life over the phone.

We dial individuals who are turning 66 inviting them to a one on one webinar explaining the Social Security Threshold tax.

If interested contact me at: Dan@RetirementPlanningStore.com
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