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NAA- scam? Amway Life? MLM organization with no residuals

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:42 pm
by pagepirate
I recently posted on ripoff report about NAA after learning of how I was to be paid by these people. I contacted the carriers and asked about renewals and advances and was astonished at what I learned. Naa is keeping at least half of your adavance for your upline and retaining All renewals for the agency. Andy Albright has created an a very slick MLM organization that charges you excessive fees for your leads(many are re-worked)and HE keeps all renewals..6000 reps nationwide? the guy is making a mint! The young lady who trained me was at 60% adavance with no renewals after 6 yrs!! this is unbelievable! I have been contracted with the same company for over 20yrs and cannot imagine not having my residual check coming in. It is my salary! There is no formal training set up and the office manager asked me the first week when did I want leads, really? I don't even know what I'm selling. I found out that he gets 30% of all my advances for doing what? NOTHING!! It is such a complete scam, do not even waste a day on this. I have contracted with several companies through NAA and now the agency (crooks) won't release me so I can sign on with these companies using another broker. usually a 6 month wait. I am bound and determined to get my trainer/friend into a better situation so she can make some real money working for a real brokerage that pays renewals so she can support her children. There are other brokerages out there who can do a mass mailing for you and help you secure leads to sell products and get paid correctly. Do your homework, don't mess with NAA.

Re: NAA- scam? Amway Life? MLM organization with no residuals

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:22 pm
by Tuttle
You have so many of your facts just flat out wrong! NAA is not a scam and the business structure is framed on Amway only you can actually make money on your own without hiring a gazillion agents. You seem to think that NAA keeps all the renewals. Incorrect, agents start receiving renewals when they reach Agency Manager along with other bonuses. The example of a young lady that has been with the company for 6 years and was only at a 60% contract is suspect as well. They system allows agents to move up 5% in contract every two months simply by either writing business or hiring other agents that do so. She could have moved beyond a 60% contract with only two writing agents hired or $7500 in premium two months in a row. If she hadn't done that in six years she's the only one to blame for that. As for leads that are over priced, give me a break. Anyone that says they have good cheap leads is lying to you. Direct mail is expensive, period. At least with NAA when you get a new lead it's all yours for at least 5 weeks. Not like IMO's that buy leads from brokers that sell their new leads to as many people as will buy it. Good luck being the first one on the phone there. And if you don't recycle your leads among your team you're leaving money on the table. I know many agents that only buy $5.00 recycled leads and make a killing. They know most agents are lazy and won't work them hard. There's so much meat left on the bones it ridiculous. NAA may not be the best place for everyone, but do your homework and don't believe most of the crap you find online about them. They are organized like many MLM's. The good news is unlike most MLM's there's no charge to join. You are selling main stream products that are very competitive in the market. And, you can actually make money without hiring a Chinese army. If you are willing to put in the work you can build a huge passive income with tons of back office support and training available to you and your organization.