I received this question from an underwriter

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Re: I received this question from an underwriter

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Why not ask the underwriter what they're referring to? 'course...knowing what type of insurance, what you submitted, etc. might also help answer your question (i.e. provide more details)
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Re: I received this question from an underwriter

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Making assumptions on my response but being an underwriter (primary and excess), I'd say submission components are: completed applications, currently valued loss runs with descriptions of large losses, historical exposures, fleet/driver lists, SOV's, financials, named insured list with description, org chart, employee count by location, any appropriate supplemental apps, and operations narrative or website, plan structure, what you are looking for, why you are looking, etc. Though I generally list everything needed to underwrite and price that is missing in a submission (as above) though it sounds like your underwriter figures you know what they need and didn't want to list it all for you.
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