Download From IVANS Errors, Agents Fault

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Download From IVANS Errors, Agents Fault

Post by OldIndyAgent »

I read this advert from IVANS and wondered if anyone really has this experience. Everything is flowers and sunshine... and if there is an error, he blames it on the agents. ... ms+Blog%29
Most often, this “overwritten” data occurs when agents input information into the incorrect field (i.e. vehicle model = RED) and then it’s replaced by the download.
Does anyone have a good Commercial download experience with the Agency Mgt Systems? ...maybe looking :wink:
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Re: Download From IVANS Errors, Agents Fault

Post by pageltd »

IVANS customer service is the WORST! For them to blame the agent is not surprising to me. I had a bad experience with them when I wanted to download the IVANS software after setting up a new computer. They would not help me. The joke was on them...I found the link to the software on their own site after a Google search.
George Page
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