Commercial Account Manger-Next Level?

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Commercial Account Manger-Next Level?

Post by InsAcct12 »

Hello! I have been a Commercial Account Manager for the last 15+ years now. I started as my office's receptionist, then personal lines csr, and now I run the commercial department with a book of $8M in P&C and $30M+ in Bonding.

While working I got my BS in Marketing and MBA in Management. I always look to learn new information, everything from the latest strategies with marketing with social media to simple highlights with Excel. I also hustle and try to sell and grow my own book. (Not very easy without lead lists, all our business is referral based).

This is where I need HELP. I am feeling like I hit the upper level of what I can do. I feel like I am beyond what this position is, yet I do not feel as if I know the ability to say becoming a Marketing Director at a large carrier. I have the motivation, loyalty and drive to do so much more. To provide more for my family, to accomplish so much more in my career. Flat out, I am restless in my current position.

I am reaching out because I want to know-Is it possible for a Commercial Account Manager to become more? And if so, what? How? Any advice! What is the next level in this industry after service/sales...
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Re: Commercial Account Manger-Next Level?

Post by UW4life »

I'll throw my hat in the ring as an underwriter and tell you that your only limitations are those you put on yourself. It sounds like to me that you are an accomplished individual with a lot to offer and while becoming a marketing director for an agency might seem like a stretch from your current position, unless you reach for it you will never know.

First you should express your career interests to your agency partners so that they are aware of your ambitions and find out if there is any opportunity to transition into what role you want (they might even create a role for you!). If they say yes, make sure to get concrete steps you need to take to get there (extra training, current job metrics, etc.) as well as a mutually agreed upon deadline for you to be considered. Otherwise you risk them stringing you along because they don't want to lose you to a competitor.

If you don't think your current company can offer what you are looking for then you should start interviewing with other companies and telling them how your experience matches up with the job description you are interviewing for. Also, don't just box yourself into working for an agency as there is a whole world of insurance positions available on the agency, carrier and specialty sides. You can go to an MGA or become a consultant for example.

I encourage you to write down a pros and cons list of your current job to really understand what you like and dislike and then weight the list based on what is most important to you. One pro could outweigh 4 cons for example depending on its importance to you or vice versa with the cons. Then start brainstorming where your talents can be applied best and start applying and interviewing. You might just be surprised at who will be eager to bring you on board!
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