Liberty Mutual (Texas)

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Liberty Mutual (Texas)

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Anyone here know what has changed recently at Liberty Mutual, with regards to their underwriting and pricing of personal lines customers? We are getting calls from these clients more now than ever, and I think Liberty must have introduced insurance scoring which is causing a disruption to their pricing. Anyone in the know?
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Re: Liberty Mutual

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At least here in Texas, Liberty Mutual started re-valuing the replacement cost of dwellings - usually increasing their "valuation" 25-50% with no real explanation (a bit of research showed they were using Marshall Swift as guidance and putting everyone into the most expensive category possible). i.e. they were over-valuing the replacement cost of the dwelling and refusing to reduce the limits unless you signed a letter noting any loss may be valued as ACV instead of replacement cost.
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Re: Liberty Mutual (Texas)

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Hey, but according to the Gen-X'ers and Millennials in the TV ads, at least they won't raise your rates after and accident and you get a whole, brand new car if yours is involved in an accident.....
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