URGENT! Please help!

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URGENT! Please help!

Post by JenniferLAWS »

I am sorry if this is not in the right place, this is the first time I've looked for a forum for insurance. :)

I just completed my AD Banker Health and Life course for the state of CA online. I passed the test and signed the affidavit. When I clicked next to get my certificate, it gave me a web error to contact AD Banker. Of course, they are closed on the weekends. That isn't my biggest worry though, because the error message indicated they were unable to print certs for the state of CA.

My biggest worry is the course is not showing as complete on my dashboard! I am absolutely panicked there is something else that I need to do and am not seeing it.

The certificate exams on the right on of the course dashboard are only for self study courses, not online classes. The guaranteed exam only needs to be taken if you are trying to get money back in case you fail the test. In my case, the test isn't available for a few weeks so there is no point in me taking it.

Has anyone else then this course? Am I doing something wrong or am I really done and it will show complete once the cert is issued? My course expires at midnight and they will *not* renew it without me paying for the entire course again and starting over. Any advice would be so appreciated!!
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Re: URGENT! Please help!

Post by Prebzi »

How about you call them right away to confirm/affirm wether or not you completed the course? :shock:
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