Tips on How to Maximize Your Time Better When Running An Insurance Agency

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Tips on How to Maximize Your Time Better When Running An Insurance Agency

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Effectively managing your time is an essential skill you need to learn in order to be more productive as an insurance agent. This skill seems easy to master, yet, there are many business professionals who struggle with time, especially tight deadlines.

The world is filled with distractions and it is our responsibility to learn how to filter out the unnecessary, prioritize the important tasks, and commit to accomplishing each task efficiently.

Here are some sure-fire techniques to effectively manage your time:

Make a list

Take some time out every morning to list down the key areas of your day, including things/errands to do, people to call, places to go and tasks to accomplish. It is impractical to think that all these things can be memorized and stored in your head, which is why you’d write them down.

Factor-in the time interruptions

Delays often surface whenever you move from one task to another. That’s why it is important to include possible delays when giving a proper estimate. If you forget to take delays into consideration, you will surely be unable to meet strict timelines you imposed upon yourself and onto others; thus, you always fall behind.


When meeting a particular deadline, it is important for you to disconnect from all external stimuli that can distract your train of thought. Accept that you cannot always answer to an unimportant call, text and email because these only serve as hindrances when accomplishing a goal you set out to do.

Book events ahead of time

By booking various events ahead of time and logging them into a calendar, you can plot out what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how much vacant time you actually have. Doing so would minimize the risk of less important events replacing the higher important ones in your daily schedules. There is nothing worse than a less important event replacing one with greater value.

Minimize meetings or social brainstorming

Nothing ever gets done with these activities, instead they become avenues for socializing. Meetings are not the place to get things done, but they are important to make decisions that require various individuals’ inputs, votes or approvals.


Learn on how to appoint various tools or individuals to accomplish small and related tasks. You are not a one-man show, so learn to share tasks to others. No one ever accomplished great feats by owning every single task by themselves.

Batch and bulk

Learn how to do group tasks accordingly. Similar tasks need to be done alongside things that are of the same nature. It is a huge waste of time if you have to go from one place to another in order to accomplish similar assignments, then have to return where you originally came from because of something you have to do again.


This era has brought about various advancements in technology and you need to utilize it for proper time management. Various applications and websites are in place that allow you to accomplish a plethora of things without leaving the computer. Take time to learn about these new applications and how to use them in order to improve your ability to accomplish tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately. By doing so, you could possibly eliminate the need to go to various places in order to jump from one task to another.

Are you good at maximizing your time? If so, please share and let everyone know what has worked for you?

Frank Medina, auto insurance agent says, “The key to success in time management is commitment, repetition and drive.” These techniques, if done only a couple of times, will not become a habit. You have to try these methods yourself repeatedly in order to learn which one works for you; and when you find it, instill that method in yourself so it becomes a second nature to you. By incorporating the techniques listed above into your everyday life, it is guaranteed that you will become more efficient in managing your time.
Frank Medina, Agency Owner, Mentor, Founder of IANS Insurance Agent Near Me
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