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Sports insurance leads

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Hello all, I am new here and have been doing a lot of research and reading (including this forum) but honestly I am stupid when it comes to insurance. My #1 strength is online marketing + design and I am here for your advice on how to develop my sports insurance revenue stream.

I am the CEO of Wooter and all my clients are sports organizations, I have created a sports insurance lead generator: (aka Wooter Sports Insurance) and we receive around 10 really solid deals every week which I pass on to 2 insurance companies for free. These policies on average range from $800/year to the smallest team to $8,000/year for a large league. Sometimes it's just one-off events or tournaments and those range from $500-$2500. These are just some of the quotes I've seen and actually have been competitive as compared to what my clients are used to. The other half of my clients are new to insurance and just tell us what they need covered.

We do not spend money on marketing or put anytime into this right now. If we did, we can 5x the amount of deals overnight. My goal, a few years from now when sports insurance becomes a main focus for Wooter, is to have an instant quote generator and be able to confirm policies on our platform.

With that said, I have two questions:
1. How much should I be charging per lead now? Example of a lead below:

2. What does it take for Wooter to create a real-time quote, and accept payments/confirm a policy for a customer?

Anything else you can share with me, I am all ears.
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