Want to merge a book w/a working, small, B&M indy office.

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Want to merge a book w/a working, small, B&M indy office.

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Hello everyone,

Here’s my story. I entered the insurance field back in ’08 as sole proprietor. I left in ’09 because the country and I were literally starving. I think I’m still appointed with Met Life and John Hancock. I have my L/H, fixed annuities, property and allied lines designations. Currently studying to obtain my Casualty lic. -that is if the following is a realistic goal.

Today, I want to re-enter the field by purchasing a small book from a retiree. I will purchase the book at my expense. Then merge with a working, experienced, small, INDY office in New England and utilize their experience, their office personnel and CSR systems etc. I want to remain in the industry but not fly the ship alone is what I’m saying.

What am I missing? I’m not talking about the little things like obtaining my own E&O…I’m talking about the bigger picture here Cheswick.

Just assume that I’ll contact working offices to measure interest before I do anything. If there is, then I’ll evaluate the retiree’s book and the merging office’s financial health.

What else?

[*]Book compatibility?

[*]Will I utilize the existing office’s producers? Yes, I’ll structure a salary/comm. deal with their office. Whatever’s fair.

[*]Why do that when I can be my own producer? B/c I learned my lesson from ’08 and I don’t need much to relieve the uncertainties of life and still have enough to get my weekly liter of Kettle One. Really. I don’t need a yacht Gordon.

[*]Start my own office and hire everyone necessary from scratch? If I link-up with a working office, there’s no point.

[*]Start a physical office and partner with a consultant? As opposed to having a team and a working office already in place?

What else? There’s got to be something. I really think I have a realistic goal here.

D? You out there? insuranceoldie? kevinraz? aguarino?

Thanks in advance.
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