State Farm Commission Structure

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Re: State Farm Commission Structure

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Just go to work for a large independent agency with good carriers to market, negotiate a good commission split and enjoy life. Captive agencies are not a good deal; very one-sided in favor of the company (i.e. they can change your life in any moment). Don't know about SF agents having Independent agencies on the side - never seen it in my area of the country - see it all the time with Farmers agents. I've been on both sides in my 39 year career and believe me, the independent side is much more enjoyable. Again, go to work for a large independent agency with good commission splits; it's difficult to start a "from scratch" independent agency these days unless you go through aggregators and then you have no contracts. Let somebody else have all the headaches; just produce, earn good commissions and enjoy yourself. Ownership is not all that it's cracked up to be; especially in a captive system.
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