Definition of Employee-Business Auto Policy

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Definition of Employee-Business Auto Policy

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"Employee" under ISO's standard business auto policy is not well defined. In circumstances where the named insured is multiple entities (with common ownership) would individuals employed by one entity be considered only an "employee" of that entity relative to the policy or would that "employee" status apply to all regardless of which entity they worked for under the BA policy. Here's the example: Individual A works for Entity A on the BA policy; individual B works for Entity B on the same BA (both are listed as the named insured). Does the policy consider all as "employees" regardless of which entity directs their work? Or is their a distinction? I appreciate the help!
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Re: Definition of Employee-Business Auto Policy

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Why complicate it? "Throughout this policy the words "you" and "your" refer to the Named Insured shown in the Declarations" You are correct the definition of employee can be problematic if a temporary employee.
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