Executive Director

Posted on Feb 1 Irving, TX

The Executive Director is a dynamic and enthusiastic leader who reports to the NetVU Executive Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director manages the NetVU staff and collaborates effectively across various constituencies, including the Executive Committee, NetVU workgroups, and Vertafore management, among others. The Executive Director understands the role of the organization in balancing insurance needs and technology opportunities that drive the members' success, utilizing diplomacy skills in keeping the organization strategically focused, while promoting and improving the commitment of NetVU's hundreds of volunteers who serve its community.

The Executive Director is responsible for a consistently high level of customer satisfaction, leadership engagement and creating a culture of proactive and positive engagement to enable the NetVU members, staff and volunteers to develop their greatest potential.

Role Profile

  • Actively engages and works with the Executive Committee and Board to set and achieve the strategic direction of the organization
  • Maintains a positive and productive relationship with Vertafore's senior executives and Industry Leaders
  • Keeps the Executive Committee and Board informed on all matters requiring action and supplies its members with sufficient information upon which decisions can be based
  • Complies with all requirements of the position set forth in the bylaws and other operational standards of the company
  • Develops and maintains strategic reports to establish current and long-range objectives, plans and policies, and tactical reports that indicate progress achieved to date
  • Under direction of the Finance Committee, management and implementation of all financial matters and development of the annual budget for consideration by the Board of Directors
  • Ensures compliance with laws including all federal and state corporate filings, taxes and other legal documents as required
  • Works with the incoming Chairman and Leadership Development Committee to ensure a smooth transition for leadership and committee changes as needed
  • Ardently promotes membership interest and active participation in NetVU activities and member services
  • Proactively identifies opportunities to share expertise and add value to the organization
  • Represents the organization in a manner that enhances relationships with its members, its founding partner, insurance carriers, industry leaders, third party vendors, workgroups, chapters, endorsed products, and the public
  • Oversees and directs leadership development and leadership training for the volunteers becoming active in the organization and builds a pipeline of diverse talent for the future
  • Oversees NetVU staff including remote staff, and monitors internal processes to continuously implement efficiency and productivity improvements
  • Hires, manages and terminates staff as required; engages vendors, and negotiates and executes contracts on behalf of the organization
  • Monitors the establishment of and maintains an effective management of a succession program