September 4, 2017

Campus Guns

“College campuses as gun-free zones present an environment where murderers, rapists and other criminals may commit crimes

without fear of being harmed by their victims.”

— An NRA lobbyist who supported a new Tennessee law to allow state college faculty members to carry guns on campus, with certain restrictions.

Blasted Rocks

“I’m nervous. … Who’s to know whether you’ll come walking out the door one day and get blasted, or have a rock come through the window?”

— David Kreiselmeier, a Southern Minnesota resident whose house was hit by a large rock after a quarry blast from a nearby mining operation sent a barrage of rocks through his neighborhood. The quarry is owned by Jordan Sands, which produces frack sand for oil and gas extraction.

Oklahoma’s Earthquakes

“Although they were correct in saying that small earthquakes seemed to be decreasing, the moderate earthquakes are not decreasing. The problem has not been resolved to where we can stop worrying about it.”

— Emily Brodsky, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and coauthor of a study recently published in Science Advances that found that smaller earthquakes have been reduced but not moderate ones.

Black Market Reversion

“Without the ability to license, marijuana distributors to continue the flow of product to the retail store, a high likelihood exists that consumers will revert to the black market.”

Deonne Contine, executive director of Nevada’s tax department, explained why Nevada marijuana regulators decided to start issuing pot distribution licenses to businesses other than liquor wholesalers to keep up with overwhelming demand since legal recreational sales began July 1.

Hurricane Season

“As we enter the height of hurricane season it’s important for everyone to know who issues evacuation orders in their community, heed the warnings, update their insurance and have a preparedness plan.”

— Brock Long, administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Peak hurricane season has arrived in the Atlantic and recent forecasts have upgraded the number of potential storms that could impact the Southeast coast.

Pregnant Workers

“No expecting mother should have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and a paycheck.”

— Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) said in a press release issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts press office announcing that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in July signed legislation, An Act Establishing the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, that will prohibit workplace and hiring discrimination related to pregnancy and nursing, as well as require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for expectant and new mothers in the workplace.

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September 4, 2017
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