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By | January 3, 2005

It’s a question we all ask as we slowly work our way into a new year. Amid the uncertainty in the marketplace and possible reverberations from the councils of government, the independent insurance agent needs more than ever to establish her identity as a real value proposition for their target customers. But what does the world think about insurance agents? On this front, Googlism.com strikes again, telling us what the collective mind of the Google search engine thinks about any topic.

Without further ado, an insurance agent is:

… booked in insurance fraud
… a model of success
… in charge of protecting your most valuable personal assets
… trustworthy
… selling a state licensed insurance product
… much more respected today than in the past
… 100 percent free
… the representative that the consumer consults with to make a purchase
… a vital part of any business owner’s team
… in error
… required to provide you with a shopper’s guide
… a necessity these days
… to follow the instructions of the insurance client
… my friend
… an advocate for the consumer
… astounded
… represents several different companies
… critical to the success of the insurance supply chain model
… your best source
… primarily a salesperson
… through a referral from family
… coated in oil

OK, so perhaps Google does get some things wrong. If you have been coated in oil recently, do please be sure to write in and let us know how this came to be. And don’t forget to send pictures. Interestingly, a search for “independent insurance agent” yields no hits. “Google does not know enough about ‘independent insurance agent’ yet,” the site says. What does that tell us?

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