N.Y. agent runs for disabled veterans

December 10, 2006

John W. Bailey, of Dryden, N.Y., executive vice president of George B. Bailey Agency Inc., is an independent insurance agent who goes above and beyond to help those around him. Bailey completed the New York City Marathon last month and raised more than $28,500 – through donations from more than 1,000 clients and friends – for Disabled American Veterans, an organization that provides a variety of services for disabled veterans and their families.

“My rights to speak freely, to live in peace and to enjoy my freedom, come from others who are willing to defend those rights on my behalf,” said Bailey. “Participating in the New York City Marathon gave me the opportunity to give something back to those who have served in America’s armed forces and in doing so became disabled. This is an effort I would like to see continued in future runnings of the marathon.”

Bailey plans to continue his efforts to raise monies and awareness for disabled veterans. He hopes to have the DAV recognized as a charitable partner of the New York City Marathon. If successful, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be raised for the DAV each year.

Bailey finished the marathon in 4:28 and was the 20,956th person to complete the marathon. The New York City marathon included 38,000 participants.

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