Continued Drought, More Tornados Forecasted

By | December 17, 2012

  • January 23, 2013 at 5:31 am
    Juliane Orth Adams says:
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    In regard to the weather forecast about th warm water temperatures of th East coast: I think that the oil-spill in the gulf of Mexico is also to be blamed. I personally believe that “it” and the “corexit” dumped into it to fix the oilspill has made the gulf waters “heavier” than what they were and that it is slower flowing now. This is a theory of mine. I have a lot of family in Germany. Since the gulf oil-spill they have had real winters again, with snow. When I was there last about 5 years ago or so, in December the weather due to global warming was green like Seattle and I saw a rose blooming at my father’s house, unbelievable! We used to skie in the winter. I believe the oceanic current called “the gulf stream” that we Europeans learned in school that affected our weather in Germany, well it has affected it. The oil spill and the “corexit” ,I believe, has slowed it down. Since there are oceanic currents tha take 1000 years to cycle the earth in one cycle from beginning back to the beginning, this is to be considered as nothing trifle. The droughts on one hand and the more severe storms are , I believe , results from the gulf being “heavier”, and unfortunately I don’t think this time it has that much to do with El Ninjo or La Ninja. This is Bp Oil company coming home to “roost” in Great Britain also. It is most unfortunate.For Germany to have winters again is a good thing. Snow is better than high rivers and the danger of flooding. Thanks for visiting, Juliane Adams

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