CDI Orders Ins. Co. to Cease and Desist

September 2, 2002

The CDI issued a Cease and Desist Order on New Life Christian Care Society Inc. ordering the Society to cease and desist transacting any and all insurance business in California.

According to the CDI, the Garden Valley, Calif.-based Society is not licensed in
California. Investigators reported that the Society used the Internet to advertise their “Financial Responsibility Programs” from their Web site. The site reportedly states that the Society is a “Christian group” offering national liability or comprehensive coverage for motorists. Additionally, the site reportedly promotes personal property, burial, structure and health insurance programs.

The alleged fraudulent Internet activities reportedly extend to other states. The CDI reported that consumers are exposed to possible loss without coverage if they paid for insurance provided by the Society.

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Insurance Journal West September 2, 2002
September 2, 2002
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