Good Risk Manangement

“Having a plan, notifying employees in advance to work from home, incurring expenses to prepare … for what could happen … there’s no coverage for that. That’s good risk management.”

—Chris Behymer, director of marketing for Markel’s west region, explaining that business income insurance does not cover expenses for supplies such as for plywood to board up store windows in preparation for a civil disturbance, or for loss of income when businesses close voluntarily and send employees home. Once the guilty of involuntary manslaughter verdict of former BART officer Johannes Mehserle was announced, Oakland, Calif., officials had to quell protests in the city.

Paying From Small Business’ Pocket

“As America struggles out of this current economic downturn, [ILR’s] study shows that our lawsuit system continues to be a drag on job-creating small businesses.”

—Institute for Legal Reform President Lisa Rickard noting small businesses shoulder a sizable burden of the nation’s tort liability costs – $105.4 billion in 2008.