Are You Among the Dying Breed?

Let’s take a test. No, this is not a coverage analysis test or even a personality test; it’s a “vocation choice opinion” test. Take a few minutes to “honestly” answer these seven questions. While this test is not scientific, it will be entertaining — and possibly revealing.

Job versus Career: When you think about the insurance industry, you consider what you do:

  1. Something that gets in the way of my personal life
  2. A job that allows me to pay my bills
  3. A career that gives me the opportunity to help others

After Work: Which phrase best describes you upon arriving home at the end of the work day?

  1. I drink heavily so I don’t have to think about insurance
  2. I completely forget about the day and don’t think about work until the next day
  3. I obsess over every minor detail and stay up half the night, falling asleep due simply to utter exhaustion
  4. I enjoy my down time, but I do think through tough issues and problems until bed time

Career Options: If given the option, I’d be:

  1. In any other industry where I could get paid
  2. In insurance. There is no better industry

Career Importance: Which phrase best describes your opinion of the part insurance plays in the American economy?

  1. I think the government should be the protector of all assets — personal and corporate
  2. Insurance is a necessary evil; it is not a major factor on the economy
  3. Insurance has its place; but the economy is not dependent on insurance
  4. Without insurance, the economic engine of America will sputter to a halt

Customer Knowledge: My opinion about my customers and insurance:

  1. The customer is always right even if they don’t have all the information or facts
  2. Where insurance is involved, the customer may make the final decision, but he can’t be “right” unless he knows all the facts and information

Insurance Forms and Policy Language: Do you like reading and analyzing insurance policy forms?

  1. No way. I’d rather be beaten
  2. Yes. I find the differences in policy forms fascinating

Insurance Education: Which of the following best describes your opinion of insurance education?

  1. I absolutely despise insurance education and resent having to go
  2. Since I have to take CE, I look for the cheapest and easiest way to complete my required hours
  3. I actually enjoy the opportunity to potentially learn something new. But I will only take courses that provide CE credits
  4. Because insurance is fascinating and complex I look for every opportunity to learn. CE doesn’t matter as long as I am better prepared to meet the challenges of this industry after the class

Grading the Test

To grade this test, add the points assigned to each answer (the number beside each answer is its point value) and multiply the total by five (5). The product will fall between 35 and 100. Your opinion of insurance as a career is found below:

90 — 100: Truly the last of a dying breed. You are a true insurance professional who looks for ways to improve yourself for the benefit of you, your employer, and your clients.

80 — 89: A potential difference maker. You border on having the passion necessary to be among those counted as true insurance professionals. Only one or two changes in ideology or practice and you will be among the greats of the industry.

70 — 79: Mr. or Mrs. Average. You are an average worker not trying or caring to make a difference. You don’t do any more than is required of you. Insurance is just a job you’re doing to pay the bills; you really don’t see this as a career. Unless something changes, your career will be unremarkable.

60 — 69: Attitude adjustment time. How you are still employed in insurance is amazing. Maybe you know something about someone and have the pictures to prove it. You are likely miserable and are just hanging around until you find something else you’d like to try. Insurance is not the industry for you.

Below 60: Get out now, if not sooner. You’re not doing yourself, your employer, the industry, or your clients any favors. In fact, you are probably miserable and doing more harm than good. The industry and you would be better off if you moved on to another field. If this is not an option — a major attitude change is necessary to salvage you from utter destruction (personally and professionally).

Non-Scientific: Up front we said that this is not a scientifically created test. It is but a fun look at your feelings toward and about the insurance industry and insurance as a career.