Results: Cannabis Webinar Live Polls

Which will have the biggest impact on cannabis and insurance the rest of this year and into next?

COVID-19 33.22%
Vaporizer bans and related illnesses 13.36%
Legalization 19.52%
Legislation (SAFE Banking, CLAIM Act) 24.66%
CBD products and the FDA 9.25%

What’s the biggest fallout of the COVID-19 Crisis?

Uncovered business interruption losses 82.88%
New and stricter policy exclusions 13.21%
Influx of claims 3.9%

What area of the cannabis industry do you specialize in?

Dispensaries 21.01%
Labs and testing facilities 5.04%
Cultivation 17.23%
Distribution 10.08%
Ancillary businesses or services 46.64%