Camino, Calif. Resident Charged with Fraud

John Eugene Carter, 38, of Camino, Calif. was arrested on one felony count of insurance fraud, one count of attempted perjury and booked into the El Dorado County Jail.

Investigators with the CDI Criminal Investigations Branch’s Fraud Division revealed that on Aug. 23, 1995, Carter reportedly filed a workers’ comp claim with Fremont Compensation Insurance Company alleging injury to his lower back while working as a driver for the El Dorado Disposal Company.

According to investigators, Carter continued to claim an inability to work because of the injury through 2001. However, Carter was reportedly videotaped working as a driver for a firewood delivery service in August 2000 and again in August 2001. During this time period, Carter advised a claims representative that he was unable to work and had not worked since he was injured at El Dorado Disposal Company.

In addition to the reported misrepresentations to the claims representative, Carter also allegedly lied during a deposition when he denied working during the time period when he was videotaped working at the firewood delivery service.