It Figures

$25 million
Estimated amount in insured losses Air Worldwide Corp. predicts could result from the forest fire burning at Lake Tahoe. As of June 26, 2007, 220 homes were destroyed and about 1,000 people were forced to flee their neighborhoods along the Lake’s southern edge. The fire was 10 percent to 15 percent contained, Lt. Kevin House of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department told The Associated Press.

$3.8 billion
Amount of total workers’ compensation loss and expense payments that went toward medical services in 2006 in California, according to the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California. That amount represented 51 percent of total loss payments. Of that, $629 million was for injured workers. Indemnity payments represented 49 percent of total loss payments, at $3.6 billion. Also, in 2006, payments made to applicant attorneys were $336 million, down from $346 million in 2005, WCIRB indicated in its recent report on 2006 workers’ comp losses and expenses.