Dwelling Fire–California

Nuts & Bolts:
The Foremost Insurance Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., has introduced a dwelling fire program in California. The program is designed for individuals with lower-valued homes, “fixer-uppers,” customers with a history of multiple losses, vacant homes or homes under renovation, seasonal homes, homes with more than one family unit and landlords looking for coverage for rental properties, among others. Options include flexible payment plans, replacement cost on the home and coverage for landlord properties. Appointed Foremost agents can use ForemostSTAR to quote and book dwelling fire business online. Visit www. ForemostSTAR.com.

Deductible options range: $250; $500; $1,000; $2,500 and $5,000. There are two policies in the dwelling fire program called BASICS 1 and 3. The maximum limits in the dwelling fire for BASICS 1 are $350,000, and the limits for BASICS 3 are $750,000.

Foremost Insurance Co. rated “A,” admitted.

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