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August 1, 2011

Medical Distributor Program
Market Detail: Westrope’s new medical distributor program is exclusively for its retail partners. The program allows the distributor or independent sales representative of medical products and services to certify they have the products and professional coverage required to sell and demonstrate within medical facilities. Benefits include: Occurrence form for general and professional liability for all product classes. Additional lines of coverage can be added independently (i.e., property, worker’s compensation, etc). Program is written through an admitted carrier with defense outside the limits. Eligible classes include: permanently implanted products, invasive surgical equipment, diagnostic tests and laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, respiratory devices, DME and supplies, orthopedic devices and braces.
Available limits: As needed
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted and non-admitted available
States: All states
Contact: Sandie Mullen at 816.412.7556

Kidney Dialysis Clinics
Market Detail: 5Star Healthcare offers professional and general liability insurance for kidney dialysis clinics of any size. Offered through an A XI rated carrier, this program is exclusive to 5Star Healthcare and is available nationwide. Premium is calculated based on the annual number of clinic visits, instead of revenue.
Available limits: As needed
Carrier: Hiscox
States: All states
Contact: Customer Service at 877.247.9772

Businessowners Program
Market Detail: Austin Mutual Insurance Co. has expanded class eligibility and embedded coverage that covers equipment breakdowns, employment practices liability and automatic coverage extensions. The Austin businessowners program provides protection for the following business segments: Apartment-specifically designed for select apartment risks that were built in the last 30 years; condominium-for condo building owners. Offers a directors and officers liability option; contractors/artisans-offers coverage specifically designed for special artisan trade contractors; convenience food stores, grocery store and supermarkets — for select retail convenience, grocery and supermarket stores that may be engaged in gasoline sales with or without restaurant operations; motels — or select independently operated or franchised motel/hotel risks that were built in the last 30 years; office — professional services to clients and hose buildings do not exceed six stories in height; processing/service risks — designed for the wide variety of processing and service risks. Offers liability options for barbers and beauticians, funeral directors, optical and hearing aid establishments, pharmacist liability, printers’ errors and omissions and veterinarians; restaurants-for limited cooking, fast food, casual dining and fine dining food service establishments; retail/mercantile-offerings specific to the needs of assorted retailers; self-storage facilities-for the secure public storage risks; and wholesalers/distributors.
Available limits: As needed
Carrier: Unable to disclose
States: Ariz., Idaho, Minn., Mont., Ore., S.D., Utah, Wash. and Wisc.
Contact: Stacy Olson at 763.657.8647 or e-mail:

Social Media, Sharing Sites
Market Detail: CCBsure can provide comprehensive protection for social media companies. Coverage’s include: advertising & personal injury; intellectual property rights of infringement; breach of contract; invasion of privacy; blanket professional liability; commercial general liability; property & business interruption, including cyber perils. This coverage can be obtained for a wide range of social media companies: from social networking websites, online gaming companies, web publishers/bloggers and music or video sharing Websites.
Available limits: As needed
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted
States: All states
Contact: Customer service at 800.336.5659

Car Wash Program
Market Detail: Glatfelter Insurance Group has developed a program tailored specifically for self-serve, exterior and full-serve car wash businesses. The Insurancenter car wash program is active in 46 states.
Available limits: As needed
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted
States: All states except Ariz., D.C. Hawaii and N.D.
Contact: Customer service at 800.233.1957

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