Harleysville Insurance Unveils New Brand Identity

The Harleysville Insurance organization, which includes Harleysville Group Inc., has announced plans to introduce a new brand identity. As a result, the company has created a new logo and positioning theme, and several of its regional property and casualty insurance companies will undergo name changes.

The new brand identity, according to Harleysville Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Walter R. Bateman, is tied to the company’s goal of becoming the premier small business insurer in the markets it serves.

“In the early 1980s, we embarked on a strategy to acquire desirable regional insurance companies and, as a result, the Harleysville organization has grown to over a billion dollars in premium,” he explained. “With these acquisitions and start-up operations have come many benefits for our organization, but our successful expansion has also served to blur our marketplace identity and dilute the recognition of our brand.

“The time is right to consolidate the identity of our companies under a single brand name that does a better job of conveying our size, stability and financial strength,” he continued. “And, by replacing our fragmented visual identity with a single, strong image, we can unify our brand and position ourselves more prominently in the small commercial marketplace than ever before.”