New York Arrests Result from No-Fault Fraud

Three New York individuals were recently arrested for their alleged involvement in a no-fault insurance fraud scheme.

Igor Perlov, a security guard; Inna Perlova, his wife; and Lidiya Shvarts, their neighbor; both who worked as home care attendants, allegedly tried to illegally obtain $3 million from the City by falsely stating that they had been seriously injured in a Brooklyn collision with a fire department ladder truck.

Allegedly, Perlov was driving by himself May 29, 1998, when he was involved in an accident with a fire department truck in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Perlov allegedly lied in sworn testimony March of the following year in a preliminary examination at the comptroller’s office, asserting that his wife, Perlova, and Shvarts were in his car when the accident took place. Both allegedly lied, first in notices of a claim they filed on June 26, 1998, with the comptroller’s office, when they both assured authorities they had been passengers in Perlov’s vehicle when it was involved in the accident with the fire truck. They allegedly both lied a second time, in sworn preliminary examinations at the comptroller’s office and then a third time, in sworn testimony on Jan. 24, 2001, at pretrial dispositions with the city law department.

Investigators began looking at the incident in August 2000, when the city law department gathered police and accident reports stating that Perlov had been driving alone in his car at the time of the collision. The case was referred to the New York State Insurance Department’s Frauds Bureau by the city law department’s tort division.

Perlov is charged with attempted grand larceny in the first degree and perjury in the first degree, while Perlova and Shvarts were each charged with perjury in the first degree, perjury in the second degree, making a false statement in the first degree, and offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree.