Buildings Near Trade Center Appear O.K.

According to a report in the New York Times, engineers have completed a study of the office buildings near the World Trade Center, and have concluded that for the most part they are structurally sound. The report lowers fears that further losses could be incurred by insurers, if seriously damaged structures had to be demolished.

Although there’s a lot of superficial damage, mainly blown out windows and cracks, none of the buildings appears to be slumping, leaning or subsiding on its foundations, which would indicate a danger of imminent collapse.

However, the report indicated that the Bankers Trust Building, 30 W. Broadway and 3 World Financial Center will require some structural repairs before they can be declared completely safe. Other minor repairs to the facades, windows, heating and ventilating systems will also be necessary.

No estimates of the amounts involved has yet been made, but eventually the costs of the repairs will increase the overall losses caused by the terrorist attacks -less than what the industry would have incurred if more buildings had to be razed.