New Insurance Plan for Connecticut Teachers

Connecticut Life & Casualty Insurance Co. of Meriden Conn. has developed a “Teachers’ Insurance Plan,” offering members of the teaching profession and related educational employees low-cost auto and homeowners insurance, “tailored specifically to meet the needs of teachers and their families.”

The new plan for Connecticut is part of a national network formed in 1992 to provide insurance and other services uniquely to teachers. In addition to offering lower rates, it provides “teacher friendly” customer service including claims services timed to accommodate teachers’ schedules.

“We recognize that teachers have a unique status in society, and we reward them for their responsibility with affordable insurance, great service and many other aspects to our program that helps make their jobs and lives easier, ” said John E. Brooks, the program manager, in a written statement.

CL & C, which writes its policies directly with its customers, indicated that all teachers who are currently insured by it would be contacted and given the opportunity to join the new program.