NAII Says NY Disaster Planning Approach Sets Example for All States

“The New York State Insurance Disaster Coalition (NYSID)’s masterful response to this catastrophe [the WTC attacks] proves that public and private entities working hand in hand can help mitigate even the worst events,” said National Association of Independent Insurers’ Senior Director of claims services, John G. Eager in a statement.

The NAII pointed to New York’s response as a model that other state governments should look to as an example of how to plan “effective disaster preparedness programs.”

The disaster coalition was formed under the direction of New York’s Governor George Pataki last May. It has representatives from the State Emergency Management Office, the NYSID, and the Institute for Business and Home Safety, who work together on committee’s or in temporary working groups, each dealing with an aspect of disaster planning.

In the days following the WTC attacks coalition members were in almost constant contact, and worked together to solve problems. They “shared information on the buildings that were destroyed or damaged, the status of utilities, damaged and missing vehicles, claims counts and consumer complaints,” Eager indicated.

The NAII strongly supports the adoption of similar systems in other states, characterizing such programs as “best practices.” Eager observed that “For the past two months, we’ve seen this team at work on the ground at the World Trade Center site. By linking key decision-makers and promoting widespread two-way communication, the coalition can quickly solve or preempt problems. It’s a system that can work in any state.”|”naii, says, ny, disaster, planning, approach, sets, example, all, states