Suspicious Lightning Strikes Lead to Arrest of NY Man for Fraud

William Kress, 50, of Hamlin, New York, has been arrested on charges of insurance fraud, following an investigation by the NYSID’s Frauds Bureau and State Farm’s Special Investigation Unit.

According to the report from the Superintendent’s office Kress allegedly “submitted a claim for damage to a custom-built computer system as a result of a lightning strike at this home on April 11, 2001.” He was eventually paid $1,127 for his loss by State Farm. The report then states that, “On August 15, 2001, Mr. Kress submitted a claim to State Farm for damage to another computer system as a result of another lightning strike at his home in the amount of $5,000.”

The investigation found that both claims appeared to be fraudulent, as no lightning strikes had in fact damaged the equipment.